Matthew Monroe Bees


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Matthew Monroe Bees, the idyllic Southern charmer blossomed long before his bold and celebrated interior spaces took center stage. Growing up, Bees kept busy toiling under the incomparable education in the hospitable that was learned from none other than his Grandmother. Between table settings and the lingering aromas of freshly baked treats, he would find himself privy to the everyday workings of an Alabama farm: chores to be had and hands to be made dirty. It was his childhood that created a skillful, sharp-minded, and well rounded gentleman. It was his experiences in Charleston and Tuscaloosa that seasoned not only the vegetables you may find making periodic appearances on his Instagram, but his impeccable eye for distinctly Southern design made better with their visible vein of worldly influence. While Matthew certainly will credit his success to an orchestra of influences, it is his own show now that he curates, designs, and tends to. And – if you're lucky, Matthew will extend to you the chance to taste the delectable meals he elegantly, and effortlessly will serve to friends and family.

Matthew’s work has been featured in Garden & Gun, House Beautiful, Southern Living, Coastal Living, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, & Home and Garden Television.